Professionally Built Track.

Practice all day $10.

Upcoming Events


The track is open to the public for practice during Chilhowee park hours. The park hours are typically from sun up to sun down. The practice fee is $10 per person or family and is paid via this PayPal link.

Official practice nights are Tuesday and typically the timing system will be running. 

No vehicles larger than 1:8 scale are allowed on the track. No 1:5 scales, etc.


Guaranteed Racing

With a roof over the track the weather is never an issue. Set our race dates on your calendar and make your race plans in advance.

World Class Facilities

Covered pits. Power everywhere. Clean restrooms. Tire wash station with warm water and compressed air. Overnight camping. And more!

New Racer Friendly

We’re committed to making RC racing as accessible as possible. If you have an RC car bring it and you can race it in our novice class!