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We get a lot of questions about what type or brand of RC Car they should buy to be competitive. An extremely valid question given the initial cost involved and availability of parts. There are a TON of companies that make an inexpensive chassis (what’s under the body shell), but many have a very limited stock of replacement parts. Therefore, when you break something, and you will, you’ll be out of action trying to locate parts or wait for parts delivery. When that happens, that buggy you saved a little money on, has you sidelined for weeks while waiting for parts. With that said, here is what we at ROCCK Racing typically see on the podium race after race.

But first… A word about local availability of competitive parts. Our local brick and mortar hobby shop does not typically stock parts to repair buggies or trucks that appear on our podium. However, we do have several mobile RC Vendors that stock the brands we race! The mobile shops don’t show up at every race, but at most races at least one vendor is there. Please buy from our on site vendors whenever possible. Support them as they support us.

RC Racing Brands

The brands listed below make RC car and truck chassis that are raced at ROCCK and other RC tracks around the world.

  • Tekno or just Tekno, is a very popular brand at the track. Tekno offers 1/8 scale nitro buggy and truggy as well as electric buggy and truggy. They also make a competitive 1/10 scale 4wd short course truck and buggy!
  • HB or just HB, is another very popular brand at the tracks. HB offers 1/8 scale nitro buggy and truggy as well as electric buggy and truggy.
  • Team aka AE or Associated is an iconic RC brand that offers a product for every RC market.
  • Team Losing or TLR for short, and definitely not TLR tuned, is another iconic RC brand that offers RC race craft.
  • Mugen or Mugen for short, is a race focused brand with good 1/8 off-road offerings.
  • is another iconic RC brand that pioneered the 1/8 nitro buggy design. Kyosho has a wide range of product offerings; like Team Associated.
  • is a European RC brand that is race focused.
  • is a relatively new brand that is also race focused.

Still Have Questions?

Come out to the track and see what people are racing and ask questions! Spectating a race is always free! You can also join our ROCCK Racers Facebook group and ask your questions there. The ROCCK Racers Buy Sell Trade group can also be used to find RC equipment for sale.